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By reading this I have lowered your I.Q. by 5. Have a nice day.

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do a street fighter one... you know... for the occasion!

You fucking furry fuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyoufuckyou moron die.

That so isn't a song...
On a more serious note, Trick-track from PSO, cause it was the only reason I started episode 2 in the first place.

Hey uh...... u can make the Death note remix of What's Up People! And for the PFRPG music where u fight Vex, which one is that?

ff 7 boss metal remix

Maybe remix of "Lost Patrol" OST (an old game from amiga)

How about the halo theme or SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl) theme?

This may be a simple question, but do you know where i could find the boss battle music for phrozenflame? Like where you fight the tank?

And i suggest final fantasy X boss battle music remix :)

You know what? I've been playing the Legend of Dragoon as of late, and I realized that several of the themes in there, while not particularly memorable to the consciousness, stuck with me subconsciously for years. I was wondering if you think you're up to remixing one of the 4 main battle themes from TLOD for me.
BTW, u should notify a moderator about that scumbag Raulkill. People like that shouldn't make posts on the internet.

Anyways, if you do go with my idea, could u let me know? I don't get on NG too often anymore (not enough music coming out that I like) so if u do make it I want to know right away! Anywho, thanks for putting up with my mindless chatter. I'll get off your back now, and go furries!!


hey you

To Paulkill:
By your outburst of cursing you've proven to us that you have no self control, nor maturity. If you don't like furries, just ignore 'em. By bashing 'em like that you make yourself look worse than you probably think furries are. I have actually found that you, and all of thoe who hate furries so much are actually WORSE people than furries. You go so far to express your hatred while furries will do nothing like that towards you. To be honest, people who hate so irrationally sicken me.

Now, onto the question at hand. I would perhaps suggest a remix of the song "Justified" by Drea from the game Dead Rising. I believe it it track 8. It is posted on youtube if you want to go listen to it. Another suggestion would be the (in my opinion) famous "His World", from Sonic The Hedgehog 2006. My last suggestion would be for MGS4, specifically "White Blood" on the OST. I think any those three songs could turn out beautifully if you redid them and made yoru own version, as you've done some excellent work in the past.

Could i have the original Final Destination link? the remix is epic. But im one for Originality. Thanks and have a Nice Day

Where are ya bud?

o_o where are you